We now have a media page!

We recently thought that it’d be a good idea to make a compilation page of all our media appearances. Many of our readers may not have seen all of them, so we decided to create a page that will have an updated list of all the articles/videos we appear in.

The link is here: https://incomingassets.wordpress.com/incoming-assets-in-the-media/

In the news once again!

-Written by Cel

A few weeks ago, we spoke to a reporter who was doing an article about living in small, more affordable and environmentally friendly spaces. The article was just published, and features us and three other families:

Living small: Less space, less stuff means more time, lighter load for four B.C. households

On another note, something that we forgot to mention earlier. At the end of 2014, The Province published a list of their ten most popular stories/articles for the year. We were pleasantly surprised to see that we just made the list, sneaking in at #10!

The Province’s Top 10 most-read stories of 2014


Going to Europe!

-Written by Cel

Tomorrow, we are leaving for a two-week trip to Europe. We are going to Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, and Paris. Most likely we will do one or two short day-trips to nearby countries. Posts will be on a hiatus until we return, though we should be able to reply to comments or emails.

Look forward to a trip report and our quarterly spending update after we get back!

Incoming News

-Written by Cel

The last few weeks have been fairly eventful for us – and the month of June is shaping up to be extremely busy.

Last week, we had an article about us in the Vancouver Courier, discussing our ebook and our lifestyle. My only criticism is that it made it sound as though I think an apartment in downtown Vancouver costs the same as one in Surrey, which is not the case. Great photo though!

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Four Dinner Ideas You Can Make Out of ANY Ingredients

-Written by Steph

One of the the biggest hurdles to overcome in getting your grocery costs down is learning to plan meals based on what you have, rather than going out and buying new ingredients. A lot of people start with a recipe they like the look of, then go out and buy the ingredients for that, and repeat this every time they want to cook. This is the wrong approach, and leads to a lot of food waste. A better way to operate is to have a number of very basic recipes that allow you to swap in whatever things you have on hand. This in turn allows you to shop based on sales a lot more, because you know that you don’t need specific ingredients for the meals you’ll be making.

Here are some of our favourite base recipes, and some of the variations we enjoy: Continue reading