Vancouver Hiking – Part One

Steph here! Cel’s been picking up the slack on writing blog posts, so I’m getting back into it with some local hiking info.

One of the big things people in Vancouver tend to HUGELY overspend on is entertainment. Fortunately, if you’re into outdoor activities Vancouver is a haven for cheap/free entertainment! We took up hiking at the end of last summer and have discovered a bunch of great trails that are easily accessible without a car (public transit and one with a short ferry ride), and reasonably well marked and maintained. Continue reading


Managing Finances As A Couple

-Written by Cel

Something we get asked about regularly is how we manage our day-to-day finances as a couple.  Over the years, our system has been refined greatly to be as efficient and convenient as possible.   Our setup is mostly relevant to couples who live together, share expenses, but do not want to have joint bank accounts for whatever reason.  However, even single people should still read this – particularly Canadians – as many of the details and tips could be applicable. Continue reading

What We Eat

-Written by Steph

When we tell people we spend $230/month on food(or that we’re vegans), we constantly get asked “What do you eat?”. Well, from this day forward we can respond with a link to this post! A very detailed, categorized list of everything we stock, and meals pulled from our food journal that we keep once in awhile. You’ll notice the absence of fresh produce – every day or two we buy it fresh, so it’s not on our regular stock list. As vegans, we eat a TON of produce.

This is the complete inventory of our fridge/pantry a few days ago.  Most of these items we always have on hand (e.g. soy milk, most spices, rice, pasta, flour).  Some are not, like ice cream, and all three types of frozen berries (usually we only have one or two types), and all three types of cooking oil (usually we only have one type). Continue reading

2014 Budget

-Written by Steph

After a great financial year in 2013, the time has come to make a rough budget for 2014 – and it’s looking like we can shave off a bit more savings with no real effort! After some “infrastructure investments” in 2013 (bikes, sewing machine), cutting our landline, and tightening up my cell phone plan, we should be able to trim about $1200 off our 2013 expenses. Of course, at the end of 2014 we’ll compare the budget to the reality and see what happened, but for now we can be optimistic.

Here are the expected numbers (for both of us combined), and commentary. Continue reading