The COVID Diaries, Day 6: Isolating in 400 Square Feet

A lot of people are baffled by how we can live comfortably in a 400-square-foot studio even during normal times, let alone during a plague outbreak. “How do you not strangle each other?” is a common question we get. “Who’s going to get thrown off the balcony first?” is getting a little more common now that we’re isolating and spending even more time here. It’s actually not a problem for us, for a few key reasons. Continue reading

The COVID Diaries, Day 1: Introduction

This series is my attempt to cover our lives during the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19. I’ll be talking about our day to day lives, thoughts, activities, finances, and of course, the isolation experience. This is a fantastic day to start a project like this because….


I’m officially working from home! And here we all thought receptionists couldn’t work remotely. Continue reading

Exploring Alternatives Mini-Documentary

Written by Cel

Several months ago, we were approached by a couple that runs a YouTube channel called Exploring Alternatives. Their channel is about Canadians who have “alternative lifestyles”: people who are “living in small spaces like tiny houses, vans, RVs, sailboats, and who are exploring long-term travel, minimalism, zero waste living, renewable energy, and much more. ”

As we are frugal, relatively minimalist, and are shooting for early retirement, they wanted to do a video about us, which we happily agreed to. It took a while for it to be filmed, edited, and ready for publication, but it came out earlier this month. Here is the link to the video, which is about 9.5 minutes long.

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About Financial Independence Scams…

This one is going to be a bit of a downer.

Apparently, the world of network marketing, AKA multi-level marketing, AKA pyramid schemes, has noticed the increasing public interest in financial independence and early retirement, and started co-opting the language and terminology used in FIRE circles as a way to scam people. I have not personally encountered this, but in the last few months, it’s come up a lot in personal finance and early retirement oriented forums and groups. So let’s delve into this and take a look at what exactly these creeps are doing, and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Cat Strollers and Loom Knitting: A look at some of our quirkier habits

Most of our money-saving habits are pretty routine and boring – cook dinner, don’t buy shit you don’t need, etc. etc. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll stumble across some downright bizarre quirks. This post is a light-hearted look at some of the funny, unique, and just plain weird habits we’ve picked up over the years.

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