Incoming News

-Written by Cel

The last few weeks have been fairly eventful for us – and the month of June is shaping up to be extremely busy.

Last week, we had an article about us in the Vancouver Courier, discussing our ebook and our lifestyle. My only criticism is that it made it sound as though I think an apartment in downtown Vancouver costs the same as one in Surrey, which is not the case. Great photo though!

We’ll be downsizing to a smaller place mid-June, and we have some big plans. The upcoming changes to Metro Vancouver bylaws (throwing food scraps in the garbage will become illegal) is inspiring us to start composting and growing some crops on our balcony.

To that end, we have enrolled in a City of Vancouver workshop – $25 gets you the composting bin, a bunch of actual worms, an instructional book, and a 1-hour workshop on composting. This is probably the cheapest method, as the worms alone would probably cost $10-15 at a regular store.

And at the end of June, we’ll be leaving for Europe! We will most likely be taking a hiatus from posting during our two weeks in Europe (though we will reply to e-mails or messages).

Thank you to our loyal blog readers, and especially those of you who have bought our book. We really appreciate your support. If you found it helpful, please leave a positive review, or better yet tell your friends and family about our book!


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