About Steph and Cel

Welcome to our blog!

We are a couple in our thirties, living in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by some of our favourite money bloggers (Mr. Money Mustache, Early Retirement Extreme) we decided to chronicle our own journey towards early retirement. Our goal is to be financially independent, meaning earning enough money through passive index investing to easily cover all expenses, by age 35.

Some background about us:

Cel is a 30-year-old freelance editor, with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and a background in grocery cashiering. Cel is responsible for most of the grocery purchases (after being given a list by Stephanie), managing insurance claims/reimbursement, and any kind of buying and selling of big-ticket items (including Craigslist and eBay re-selling of used goods). His hobbies include video games, biking, reading, and arguing with strangers on the internet.

Stephanie is a 32-year-old receptionist for a large company, with little in the way of formal credentials, but ample life experience – she has worked on a farm, a hospital kitchen, pharmaceutical factory, a warehouse, and a collections agency. Stephanie is responsible for keeping the household running smoothly, including all cooking and baking, inventory supply, vacation planning, keeping our wardrobes in order, and budget/finance tracking on Mint.com. Her hobbies include hiking, trying new recipes, sewing, reading, ballroom dance, and ballet.

The blog will cover a variety of topics related to our early retirement journey, such as budgeting and personal finance, general lifestyle design to maximize efficiency and frugality, meal and recipe planning, bragging about our international vacations, and anything else we feel like throwing in.

If you want to drop us a line, you can email us at incoming.assets@gmail.com

Please note: our blog is really just our personal journal and account of our lives, and as such, we’re not interested in guest posts, promotions, or anything along those lines. Please do not contact us about making guest posts, affiliate links, or anything commercial.

We hope you enjoy following our financial journey as much as we will enjoy experiencing it!





  1. I’m not sure I understand how you grow your net worth. Aside from saving over 50% of your combined net salary, how is your net worth growing and how will it continue to grow in order to sustain you after early retirement?

    • Hi Shane, our money that we saved is used for investment. We invest most of our money in index funds that can reasonably be expected to achieve 3 to 4% average annual return. So if we save up $1 million and then retire, we could reasonably expect 30-40 thousand a year simply from investment income, which is more than our current spending levels.

  2. Hey, guys! I am so happy that I found your blog. I am moving to Vancouver in November and I am researching for tips to save money while living there. I am following you and I want to thank you for sharing all this amazing job with us. I am beginning to invest and have completely changed my mindset about money and finances. Hope we can meet someday in Vancouver! See you.

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