When to Make or Buy?

Written by Cel

In frugal circles, there’s a lot of emphasis on DIY and making things from scratch.  This makes sense, as it often is cheaper to make something yourself rather than buy it from a store – and perhaps higher quality, depending on your skill.

However, that’s not always the case. Some things are better off just bought from the store. It may be very cheap already, or require a prohibitive amount of time to do it yourself.

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The Space Efficiency Project

-Written by Steph

We’ve now been in our studio for five months, and have finally finished a project that started the day we moved in – make the place as functional, comfortable, and space-efficient as we could. Fortunately, photos were taken all along the way, which I’m here to share today! Follow along for the whole process, in pictures, of the two of us downsizing from a 600 square foot 1 bedroom apartment to a 400 square foot studio suite. Continue reading