2016 Financial Report

-Written by Steph and Cel

Has another year ended already? Well, it’s time for the annual reckoning! Here’s the¬†annual financial report, where we bare our financial lives for all to see.

First, we had an almost unbelievably good fiscal year. Right now we have a net worth of $244,341, which is a $75,121 net worth increase from last year! Our savings rate was also astronomical, at a whopping 70% for the year!

Let’s take a detailed look at where our money went. Continue reading

Steph’s Repository of Travel Recipes

-Written by Steph

This post is basically to a convenient spot to store recipes for reference when we¬†travel. There have been way too many times when we’ve missed out on making some great dishes abroad with local ingredients, because I couldn’t remember how to make pizza dough or pie crust. That all changes now! Here are the recipes I’ve kicked myself the most times over for not having with me when traveling: Continue reading