2020 Financial Report

For the first time in several years, we are not writing our annual financial report from a foreign destination or on our way to the airport, but in our lovely apartment, as travel continues to be banned.

2020 was not a bad year financially. We finished the year with a net worth of $550,120, which is an increase of $87,567 from last year. Our savings rate for the year was 69%.

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Summer 2020 Life Update

Unsurprisingly, we’ve traveled nowhere and found zero labyrinths since our last update. But we’re doing great financially.

Net Worth: $483,138

The last few months in one picture:CovidKit

  • Biking and Ring Fit for exercise
  • A healthy toilet paper supply
  • My favorite cookbook
  • So much sudoku
  • Lots of ebooks
  • Video games galore
  • Supplies to disinfect everything
  • Two very sexy homemade masks
  • A day to day wardrobe consisting of mostly pajamas

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Grocery Tracking 2020 – Pandemic Edition!

In January of this year we decided it was high time we did another one-month grocery tracking post, since our last one was in 2017. We decided to do it in March, as we always do, for two reasons: We need to do it in a month when we’re not travelling anywhere, and also a month with 31 days so we can’t be accused of using a short month. All was set and decided on, we went ahead and started tracking March 1st, and then, well, the pandemic hit and the world went crazy. We did it anyway. Here’s how it went. Continue reading