2020 Financial Report

For the first time in several years, we are not writing our annual financial report from a foreign destination or on our way to the airport, but in our lovely apartment, as travel continues to be banned.

2020 was not a bad year financially. We finished the year with a net worth of $550,120, which is an increase of $87,567 from last year. Our savings rate for the year was 69%.

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Summer 2020 Life Update

Unsurprisingly, we’ve traveled nowhere and found zero labyrinths since our last update. But we’re doing great financially.

Net Worth: $483,138

The last few months in one picture:CovidKit

  • Biking and Ring Fit for exercise
  • A healthy toilet paper supply
  • My favorite cookbook
  • So much sudoku
  • Lots of ebooks
  • Video games galore
  • Supplies to disinfect everything
  • Two very sexy homemade masks
  • A day to day wardrobe consisting of mostly pajamas

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