Tips for Getting Into a Housing Co-op

  • Written by Steph

Co-op housing is a hot topic in Vancouver these days, with a lot more people interested in snagging a spot in one. As a long-time co-op resident, board member, and huge fan of the system, I’d like to shed some light on the process, explain a bit about the inner workings of co-ops, and give some tips for making it through the sometimes arduous¬†application process. Continue reading

A view from the other side – getting your partner on board with frugality

-Written by Cel

For some couples, it can be a problem getting on the same page when it comes to finances. Steph and I are fortunate to be on the same wavelength, but that wasn’t always the case.

We joke that we are doing early retirement on easy mode, as both of us are innately frugal. Neither of us has to fight against bad financial habits or a compulsion to spend.

However, I wasn’t particularly frugal growing up. I lived with my parents in a 3 story house, frequently bought take-out food, and knew little about self-sufficiency or frugality. Most of my socializing in university revolved around drinking at bars, eating at restaurants, etc.(Although I didn’t do anything really stupid, or getting into credit card debt for stuff I didn’t really need).

Continue reading

Our Journey Thus Far – in Numbers!

-Written by Steph

It’s always nice to look back at the path that’s brought you to today. This post is a brief summary of the year by year process of the first half of our early retirement journey, detailing that slow, sucky process that everyone hates – the waiting time where your net worth increases are almost entirely from savings, and your investment returns are minimal. Luckily, it only lasts a few years! Here’s where we’ve come from so far… Continue reading

The Incoming Assets Retirement Strategy

-Written by Steph

Given the current uptick in readership of our blog, along with the overall increased interest in financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), it seems timely to do a post that thoroughly describes the exact system we use in our pursuit. We’ve fine-tuned it over the years, and have come up with a strategy that allows us to build wealth quickly on average incomes and with minimal¬†ongoing effort. Here it is! Continue reading