Starting a Worm Composting Bin

-Written by Steph

So the thing is, we’re actually NOT just about finding cheap apartments, writing e-books on how to be frugal, and spending ridiculously low amounts of money while living an active downtown lifestyle with frequent international travel. We’re actually very focused on self-sufficiency as well, and have long dreamt of growing our our food! We’ve also noticed that being vegans, we produce a TON of vegetable scraps. I also cut Cel’s hair, and holy hell is there ever a lot of it going into the garbage every month. So why not combine those things, and create a productive garden and fancy composting system? Unless we discover some vegetable that grows really well in the winter we won’t be starting the gardening half of that for now, but we can definitely compost! Continue reading


3rd Quarter Spending Vs Budget Update

-Written by Steph

Looks like we’re on the home stretch of another successful financial year, and it is time once again for our quarterly update! Just something to remember – the numbers here are year-to-date, not just for this quarter. So let’s see how we’ve been doing! Continue reading