Grocery Tracking, 2017!

  • Written by Steph 

Wow, time flies – our fourth annual Grocery Tracking Challenge has finished. For anyone who’s not familiar with this project, every year we spend one month doing a very detailed analysis of our grocery spending, including everything we buy and cook. Our costs have stayed very consistent over the years, despite the constant barrage of “Food prices are skyrocketing!” hysteria we all hear about constantly. And this year’s results are in! Continue reading

Our Journey Thus Far – in Numbers!

-Written by Steph

It’s always nice to look back at the path that’s brought you to today. This post is a brief summary of the year by year process of the first half of our early retirement journey, detailing that slow, sucky process that everyone hates – the waiting time where your net worth increases are almost entirely from savings, and your investment returns are minimal. Luckily, it only lasts a few years! Here’s where we’ve come from so far… Continue reading

2016 Financial Report

-Written by Steph and Cel

Has another year ended already? Well, it’s time for the annual reckoning! Here’s the annual financial report, where we bare our financial lives for all to see.

First, we had an almost unbelievably good fiscal year. Right now we have a net worth of $244,341, which is a $75,121 net worth increase from last year! Our savings rate was also astronomical, at a whopping 70% for the year!

Let’s take a detailed look at where our money went. Continue reading

Grocery tracking, 2016!

-Written by Steph

Here we are again – for the third year in a row, we’ve tracked and categorized everything we’ve bought and eaten for a month. For all the people who say “Grocery costs are skyrocketing! I can’t afford to eat healthy food anymore!”, I’d like to add that our costs continue to stay the same as they have for the last several years, and our eating has not changed in any way we can notice. Continue reading