Housing in Vancouver

-Written by Steph

Right alongside “How the hell do you eat on $230/month?!”, another thing we get asked about a lot is housing. Some people have this weird idea that housing is expensive in Vancouver, that you can’t get a livable place for less than $1000 (or $1500 or $2000)/month, that you can never find a place at all affordable if you have a pet, or any number of weird beliefs not grounded in reality. I suspect it’s due to spending a lot more time watching TV and reading the news than actually looking at apartment listings and using price filters on housing websites.

In any case, below is a brief summary of each apartment I’ve had, what it cost, and what I got for the money. All places were completely private – no shared accommodation, no shared kitchen, no shared bathroom, etc. Continue reading

Pre-Travel Food Draining

-Written by Steph

As mentioned in my last post about meal planning, twice a year we actually do a detailed meal plan for one week – and this is that week! We leave for Guatemala next weekend, and it’s time to start clearing out our perishable supplies.

There are three goals of Drain Week – use up everything perishable, waste nothing, and spend as little as possible – no eating out or buying convenience foods! The plan includes all meals and snacks we will be eating, a “breadline”(deadline to make bread, after which it is PROHIBITED), and any supplies we will be purchasing. Continue reading

Grocery Shopping

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-Written by Cel

Our grocery costs for two people for a month averages around $230 a month.  When most people hear this, they assume we must live in a place with a low cost of living.  In fact, we live in Vancouver, Canada, reputed to be the most expensive city in North America. Continue reading