Trip Report Part 1 – Budapest and Vienna

Written by Cel

Our long awaited trip report! This summer’s trip to Europe was one of our best yet.

We arrived in Budapest after a long flight over. After a short ride from the airport, we made our way to our first Airbnb apartment. A Hungarian woman who spoke no English and pointed at things led us to the place. The apartment itself was quite nice. It was a fairly spacious one-bedroom in a heritage building. Our only complaint was that the gas stove required a lighter to use, which we were too scared to try.

Buda apartment

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-Written by Cel

We hit a big milestone yesterday – the two of us have now hit a combined net worth of $100,000! It is entirely in liquid or relatively liquid assets (cash, investments, or GIC’s).

To celebrate, we made cookies. Specifically, 100,000 peanut butter cookies.

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