We’re writing a book!

Written by Cel

Hello loyal readers! You may have noticed that blog posts have been a little slow lately.  That’s because we’ve been focusing our writing-related time on a book!

It’s an idea that we’ve been tossing around for a while – we’ve had many people over the years tell us we should.  The Province article and CTV interview helped to kick us into gear.  If our lifestyle and ideas are popular and novel enough for national news, we figure that it’s good enough for a book.

The book is not about early retirement per se; instead it is about our advice how to live frugally while still maintaining a high quality of life.  Much of it will be general advice that is applicable to most people, but a lot of it is Vancouver-specific.  We name names, give advice on the best neighbourhoods to rent in, where to shop for groceries, where to look for cheap/free entertainment, etc.

It will be an ebook, most likely published through the Kindle marketplace.  We aim to have it released by mid-to-late May.  If you enjoy our posts, we recommend you buy the book!

Of course, we will still continue posting on our blog.  Thank you for your readership and support!

Post-script: The book is now for sale!


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