Buy our book!

We have published an ebook! Incoming Assets: A Guide to Affordable Living in Vancouver and Beyond.

It is available on the Amazon Kindle store – this is the Canadian link, but it is also available on the US site and other territories.

Perhaps you have read an article about us such as The Province’s, or enjoyed reading our blog. If you are interested in what we do, we encourage you to buy the book. It is a guidemap of our financial lives, and explains how we have slashed our expenses to well under $1,500 a month for a couple living in Vancouver. It gives practical advice on how you can cut your expenses, things that virtually anyone can do.

Much of this book discusses general ideas that are applicable in most cities. However, we also draw on our experiences over the last three years and give detailed, Vancouver-focused tips. We give specific, personally-tested advice on where to shop for groceries, the best neighbourhoods to live in, where to go for cheap/free entertainment, and more. If you are a recent arrival (or planning to immigrate) to Vancouver, you will find it especially useful, as you can be saving right from the start. No other book that we know of gives frugal advice specific to Vancouver.

Do you know what banks offer the highest interest rates, or the differences between the two biggest no-cost banks in Canada?

Do you know the best methods for tracking your spending and finances?

Do you know what grocery stores in Vancouver offer the cheapest price on paper towels, soy milk, tofu, or various other items – or the best ways to figure this out?

Do you know where to buy discounted tickets for shows and events?

If the answer to these questions (or similar ones if you are not from Vancouver) is no, our book will help you save.

For those with non-Kindle e-readers, the book is DRM-free, so you should be able to buy it and then convert the file to .epub or some other format.

Those who do not have any e-reader at all can still read it on PC; you just need to download a free program for reading Kindle books, which is offered by Amazon.


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