The Difference a Store Makes: Choosing the Wrong Grocery Store Nearly Doubles Your Cost

-Written by Cel

Yesterday (April 25, 2014), we went to the No Frills in the West End (1030 Demnan Street) for our weekly re-stock. There were a few key items that we needed, and we knew that No Frills has the best prices on them. While we were there, we also picked up a few other things that were a good deal. Continue reading

How to Reduce your Paper Towel Usage

-Written by Steph

Ok, this isn’t financial (they really don’t cost much), but forests are being bulldozed to make paper towels last time I checked. As a proponent of low-environmental-impact as well as low-cost living, this is a big deal. It was one of the harder things for me, because I used to be in the habit of using paper towels for EVERYTHING – makeshift plates, greasing pans, degreasing foods, wiping stuff up,  moisture control in tupperwares, and probably some other weird stuff I can’t remember. Here are some tips that helped me reduce usage A LOT: Continue reading

Addressing the naysayers

-Written by Cel

This has been a crazy week for us – in addition to a front page story on The Province (and cross-published to the Edmonton Journal), coverage on Huffington Post Canada – we also got a (brief) live interview on CTV’s national news broadcast during primetime coverage!   Someone at work told me that our story is tapping into the cultural zeitgeist, and I have to agree that our story really seems to have resonated with people all across the country. Continue reading

Our blog got mainstream media coverage!

-Written by Cel


A few days ago, we posted the results of our 30-day grocery tracking challenge.  It was a fairly popular post, which we also linked to on the Vancouver subreddit on

An editor from The Province (a major daily newspaper in Vancouver) saw our Reddit post and wanted to do a story on us! He sent a reporter and photographer over to our apartments on Tuesday, April 1st.

Today, April 4th, we were shocked to see our faces on the front cover of The Province! 

Here is a link to the article:

As a result of that article, we were contacted by Huffington Post BC, who did their own story on us:

We are gratified to see that a lot of people have enjoyed reading our posts!  We intend to continue posting Vancouver-focused entries from time to time.