Incoming Assets in the media

We’ve appeared in a number of media pieces over the years, and we wanted to make a compilation of them here. This will be updated with any new media appearances.

This was our very first media appearance, in The Province, a popular newspaper in (you guessed it) our province. They even put us on the cover of that day’s paper!  As for how that happened – we posted one of our earlier blog posts about grocery tracking on Reddit, and someone from The Province saw us and contacted us for an interview. It’s a general overview of FIRE principles.

This is probably our favourite piece – kind of a mini-documentary. We were approached by a couple that runs a YouTube channel called Exploring Alternatives. Their channel is about Canadians who have “alternative lifestyles”: people who are “living in small spaces like tiny houses, vans, RVs, sailboats, and who are exploring long-term travel, minimalism, zero waste living, renewable energy, and much more. ”

As we are frugal, relatively minimalist, and are shooting for early retirement, they wanted to do a video about us, which we happily agreed to. This was more of a personal look of our lives, and some of the practical things that we do to save money. They came grocery shopping with us, we did some cooking and baking, and you can get a glimpse of what our lifestyle looks like.

This is an article by journalist Tara Henley. She also interviewed a couple we know, the van Hemerts. We really liked this one; we felt that Tara really got the concept of FIRE and why we were shooting for it. This is about the “why” of early retirement. It’s more about the mental stuff and philosophy behind it, rather than the nuts and bolts of saving money on groceries or whatever.

Someone from a CBC radio show saw our blog and wanted to interview us. Note that there is both an article, and a longer radio clip (click the “Listen” button). This was our first radio appearance. It was a bit about the nuts and bolts of our lifestyle, and also a bit about relationships and how FIRE has affected them.

This one on Global News was specifically about saving money on groceries. It was kind of funny because they followed us around grocery shopping with a hidden camera.

We had a local TV station (CityNews) come to our apartment and do a short interview of us. It’s just a short overview about FIRE and our plans/philosophy.

Here is a FIRE-style money diary and article we did for Wealthbar, our investment brokerage. It gives a little glimpse into our day-to-day lives, and FIRE philosophy.

In response to the coronavirus-induced market crash, some journalists have contacted FIRE people to ask about how they are reacting. One such piece was in the Georgia Straight, and we are in it.