2019’s travel, in pictures!

We covered a lot of ground in 2019 with our $9,776 travel spending. Here’s an in-depth look at exactly where we went! Continue reading

The Incoming Assets Retirement Strategy

-Written by Steph

Given the current uptick in readership of our blog, along with the overall increased interest in financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), it seems timely to do a post that thoroughly describes the exact system we use in our pursuit. We’ve fine-tuned it over the years, and have come up with a strategy that allows us to build wealth quickly on average incomes and with minimal ongoing effort. Here it is! Continue reading

Steph’s Repository of Travel Recipes

-Written by Steph

This post is basically to a convenient spot to store recipes for reference when we travel. There have been way too many times when we’ve missed out on making some great dishes abroad with local ingredients, because I couldn’t remember how to make pizza dough or pie crust. That all changes now! Here are the recipes I’ve kicked myself the most times over for not having with me when traveling: Continue reading

Vegan in Reykjavik

-Written by Steph

Iceland is considered by many to be a difficult or impossible place for vegans, so we had pretty low expectations going in. But as usual, it was amazing, and further proves my theory that the only place in the world where people are actually dicks to vegans is North America. The restaurant were, however, outrageously expensive, so we had to get a bit creative to combat that! Here’s how the food part of our Iceland trip went down. Continue reading