Labyrinths of Vancouver, Part 2

If you just couldn’t get enough of labyrinth walking after my first post on the topic, here are a few more awesome labyrinths I discovered over the course of the spring and early summer, leading up to my ultimate labyrinth pilgrimage to Chartres, France in July. Continue reading

A Week in the Life of an Early-Retiree-Wannabe

  • Written by Steph

People often wonder what typical day to day living looks like for people in pursuit of early retirement. It’s understandable – the first thing you do when you start down the path is axe all the categories “normal” people spend gobs of time and money on, like television, restaurants, drinking, and so on. So what do we do with our time instead? This post will give you a glimpse into a week in the life of a childfree couple pursuing early retirement. Continue reading

Labyrinthing in Vancouver

  • Written by Steph

One of my stranger hobbies is labyrinth walking and meditation. I’ve done it on and off for a couple of years, but have started getting much more into it in 2017. The process is simple – there’s one winding path that leads to the center of the labyrinth. You walk in, chill in the middle a bit, and follow the same path out. And somehow in the process, your mind clears, you feel peaceful, your questions get answered, and solutions to your problems appear. Pretty cool!


Continue reading

The Incoming Assets Retirement Strategy

-Written by Steph

Given the current uptick in readership of our blog, along with the overall increased interest in financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), it seems timely to do a post that thoroughly describes the exact system we use in our pursuit. We’ve fine-tuned it over the years, and have come up with a strategy that allows us to build wealth quickly on average incomes and with minimal¬†ongoing effort. Here it is! Continue reading

What do Steph and Cel do outside of work?

-Written by Steph

Glad you asked! For some reason people with no imagination think that saving 60+% of your income means sitting at home watching TV. Except we don’t have TV. So I guess we stare at the wall.

But seriously, some people really are that dense, so I figured I should probably do this post to give a snapshot of what sort of lifestyle we have. Continue reading

Vancouver Hiking (and biking) Part Two

-Written by Steph

Hi again from Steph! I’ve been slacking on blog posts recently due to organizing our upcoming move. It’s the end of May, and we’re well into hiking season finally after a long and shitty winter. We’ve been ticking off a lot of trails on our to-do list, so I thought it was a good time to give an update on some more of the trails we’ve been exploring. So here’s where we’ve been going! Continue reading

Vancouver Hiking – Part One

Steph here! Cel’s been picking up the slack on writing blog posts, so I’m getting back into it with some local hiking info.

One of the big things people in Vancouver tend to HUGELY overspend on is entertainment. Fortunately, if you’re into outdoor activities Vancouver is a haven for cheap/free entertainment! We took up hiking at the end of last summer and have discovered a bunch of great trails that are easily accessible without a car (public transit and one with a short ferry ride), and reasonably well marked and maintained. Continue reading