1. TYSM Thank you so much for sharing your journey here. With the details you have shared on this blog as well as on the YT exploring alternatives episode this has given me real life examples and benchmarks on how My husband and I can achieve the same financial goals although we are not quite there yet seeing your progress and the numbers behind it in addition to your day 2 day activities ( for example what you make recipes et cetera) have been extremely helpful thank you so much and especially posting pictures of what you purchased during the pandemic made me realize I spent way too much and panic bought too many things. again your pictures and entries into this blog have been extremely helpful and again serve as a helpful reminder. Sending hugs and sunshine from Florida – jenny and ryan

  2. Have you invested in VGRO.to yet? What about taxes on your bonds in the wealth bar account have addressed that? Dividend tax credit? Now that you are at a substantial net worth can you do an update on how you optimized your portfolio since you are likely wasting 600 a month in taxes and fees by staying with wealth bar ….

    • What is your portfolio balance GiveMeF1?

      I maxed out my TFSA and RRSP with XGRO. My non-registered account originally just had VCN, but I was contributing so much to it I didn’t like there being so much exposure to just the Canadian market. So I started doing XGRO in this one as well. I sacrificed some tax efficiency for simplicity and making sure I didn’t have too much exposure to just Canada.

      • Hey Iain:
        I’d suggest HBAL or HGRO in a taxable account. Reason: No distributions, tax is only paid as deferred capital gains on withdrawal. This is the best and lowest type of tax in Canada. The problem with dividends in a taxable account is it’s potentially creating a taxable event a few times a year. If you were trying to collect a gov benefit like GIS in the future, these distributions would claw that back.

  3. Hi Steph and Cel. Thank you so much for sharing all you do, and congratulations on 650k. I have saved and invested quite bit, and I am very happy with the results. The one area that I could us a lot of help with is meal prep. Would you consider making some youtube videos about how you meal prep? Alternatively, if you wrote a book on the subject, I would definitely be a buyer. Congratulations, and continue the excellent work.

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