The Zero Waste Project, Part 1

In January of 2019 I found myself drawn into the Zero Waste movement, and will be chronicling our efforts in this project, which is the third blog project to date (the other two being the Space Efficiency Project and Project YIHAW!). We are about one month in, and have a few thoughts so far. Continue reading


Winter 2018/2019 Life Update

We are back from Asia, mostly healed up from our various ailments, and ready to dive into a new financial year!

Net Worth: $366,060

Latest cool place we’ve been:


Latest vaguely-labyrinth-like place visited, since I haven’t discovered any actual new labyrinths lately:


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2018 Financial Report

Well, we just couldn’t wait until we got home, so we decided to do our year end report from beautiful Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s now 7:00 in the morning on New Year’s Day 2019.

Though our investments have been getting rattled around a bit, we finished the year with a solid net worth of $356,419. That’s a $38,447 increase from 2017! Our savings rate was a cool 64%. Continue reading