Spring 2022 Life Update

Time for our first quarterly update of the year!

No new labyrinths or trips, sadly, but that will change soon.

Net worth: $650,119

Our net worth dropped for the first time in awhile, but not by very much – we’re down from a high of $671,316 as of January 1st. However, our high savings rate has done a lot to offset the market drop.

Our year to date spending is $8,612, right in line with last year’s $8,862 on this day. So far inflation has not really been a factor for us, as our spending has been very similar for the past several years.

If we retired today, our monthly income would be $2,167/month, which is a pretty good spot to be in.

We currently sit at a 62% savings rate, though it is skewed low right now due to Celestian’s tax-paying schedule, and should increase as the year progresses.


    • Thanx for the update . I have been following your journey from the beginning… you guys inspired me to buy a piece of land in the woods and placed a tiny house on wheels there… if I plan to retire now my cost of living in the tiny house would be very low since all utilities would cost me $150 only … tiny house and land is paid off , we have our own water well and septic… anyways thank you soo much , you inspired me to do all that when you said your planning to save and retire early and live in an island

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