Fall 2019 Life Update

We are fresh back from a whirlwind Vegas trip, with 2019 starting to wind up nicely. Here’s how we’re doing!

Net Worth: $433,388

Latest cool place we’ve been:20191019_100146

Latest labyrinth hunt:


That would be Cel’s first official writers event since launching his editing business, and another desert labyrinth hunt on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We had a fantastic few days in Vegas attending an Elvis wedding, seeing the sights, spending time with family, and of course labyrinth hunting.

Our net worth has increased by $17,140 since our summer life update, which is fantastic. Our travel is all booked and paid for already for the rest of the year, so we expect to finish the year in pretty good shape, with some pretty large investment deposits. Our next vacation will be travelling to New York and Philadelphia over the winter holidays. A particular highlight will be going for a New Yalk in New York. We call it a New Yalk when we go for a walk on New Year’s Eve, ideally at midnight.

Our current non-travel spending is $15,983, compared to $15,245 on this day last year. We expect to finish the year roughly in line with previous years, given our current spend rate. Our travel spending has ticked up slightly higher this year due to our extra trip to Vegas for the family wedding, though we were able to keep our costs fairly reasonable on that. As expected, our savings rate continues to tick up slightly due to the lack of large travel spending, and we are currently at 61% for 2019.

If we retired today, our monthly income would be $1,444 per month.


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