Fall 2018 Life Update

We’re having one of the nicest stretches of autumn weather here in Vancouver that we’ve had in a while. We’re all done travelling until our winter trip to Vietnam, and very glad about that – it’s been a whirlwind of travel lately!

Net Worth: $360,667

Latest cool place we’ve been (Cougar Canyon):

Cougar Canyon

Latest labyrinth hunt (Fintry):


Our net worth has increased by $3,700 exactly since our last summer update. The markets have been rattling around a bit lately, but with our high savings rate, we generally continue to increase pretty consistently.

Our year to date non-travel spending is currently at $15,046, compared to $14,705 at this time last year. The gap is narrowing!

If we retired today, our monthly investment income would be $1,202. We have actually had a few months where our spending has been about that, so that’s an exciting milestone to reach.

We’re not anticipating any notable spending for the rest of the year. Our current year to date savings rate is an even 60%, which should tick up slightly by year end as our vacation expense front-loading evens out.


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