Summer 2018 Life Update

It’s been a great summer so far, with lots of adventure! Here’s how everything is going.

Net Worth: $356,967

Latest cool place we’ve been:


Latest labyrinth hunt:


That would be Prague, and a sleepy churchyard labyrinth in Hope, BC.

We are freshly back from our usual fabulous summer trip across Europe – this time we visited Brighton, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam. We’ve got one more mini-trip coming up in a few weeks when we head out to the Okanagan, and then we’ll take several months off until we head for Vietnam in the winter.

Our net worth has increased by $20,384 since our last update, which is quite respectable! Since our travel is already booked and paid for the rest of 2018 and some of 2019, we should be looking at a nice steady increase for the remainder of the year. Our non-travel spending is currently at $12,066, compared to $11,574 at this time last year. Dental spending explains the difference.

Cel is fully self-employed now as an editor, which is going great for him.

If we retired now, our passive income would be $1,190 per month. That is actually enough to fully cover our housing, food, and bills, which is a great accomplishment – that means we could theoretically retire immediately. But not with the island tiny house of our dreams just yet.




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