Winter 2017/2018 Life Update

We’re fresh back from vacation, and ready to start a new fiscal year!

Net Worth: $324,979

Latest cool place we’ve been:


Latest labyrinth discovered:


That would be the Prismas Basalticos in Mexico, and a desert labyrinth smack in the middle of fabulous Las Vegas!

We are officially back from Mexico, our digestive systems have finally healed up, and we’re ready to delve back into home life. For the first time in our travel history, we rang in the new year in a foreign country! We have no big trip plans yet for 2018, but lots of ideas, so we look forward to seeing what ends up happening there. We have plans for a bunch of small trips this year around Canada and the US, which should be a lot of fun and a lot less jet-laggy.

Our net worth has increased nicely since our last update – by $27,401 since October 2017. Our year to date non-travel spending is currently at $1,218, compared to $977 at this time last year. The difference is due to laziness on my part – we pay our annual renters insurance in January, but I usually manually split the cost into equal monthly amounts. This year I decided not to bother, and just leave one big transaction there and forget about it. Skews the data a bit, but gives me less of a headache.

With our current net worth, we could retire immediately with an income of $1,083/month. That’s right, we have crossed the four-digit barrier! Our lowest spending month in recorded history was $1,183 (February 2014), so we’re actually, shockingly, getting into the ballpark of Canada-livable investment income. Or at least, it’s in sight, if we squint a bit.

And that’s where we’re at, halfway into the first month of the year. Looking forward to another year of big savings and tons of travel!



    • Hi Scott,

      Yes, 4% rule. We will probably pack it in somewhere between $600,000 and $700,000, but it could be sooner depending if we feel like it. Now that we’ve got the basic amount covered that pays for housing, food, and bills, any additional work we do from here on is just bonus money.

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