2017’s Travel, in Pictures!

Well, our travel spending was through the roof again. But we sure covered some ground in 2017! Here’s where we ended up, with our final bill of $9,588 (gasp).

We started 2017 with a flight to Thailand! We visited a lot of temples:


As well as some epic waterfalls:


We were mostly based in Bangkok, and did day trips out from there, but we also spent some time in Chiang Mai, where we did some trekking and rafting:


We finished that trip up by 72-hour-visa-free-transiting through Shanghai, where we hit the gardens and temples, and poked around the Qi Bao area quite a bit:


Awesome start to the year! Our next major trip was in the summer, when we went to Portugal, Spain, and France. We started in beautiful Lisbon:


This was our home base for the Portugal stretch, from where we ventured out to castles:


The seaside village of Cascais:


And the beautiful Jeronimos Monastery:


Next on the trail was scorching-hot Madrid! This stop had the best food of the trip, and a lovely lake to row around in Retiro Park. We also managed to squeeze in a flamenco show.


Barcelona was next on the list, where we spent a lot of time biking around the city:


As well as basking in the sun on the beautiful beaches:


Finally, we went to Paris, where we mostly just ate croissants at VG Patisserie, the city’s premiere vegan French bakery:


We finished that trip with a pilgrimage to Chartres to visit one of the oldest labyrinths in the world:


In addition to our major trips, we’ve been making an effort to explore more locally, so here are some of the highlights from that this year.

We explored the Sunshine Coast a bit more in the spring:


I went camping out near Pemberton in the summer, and made it up to Joffre Lakes and Sloquet Hot Springs:


And during our annual fall Labour Day trip to the Okanagan, we made it out to Myra Canyon, an old railway line that’s been turned into a huge network of hiking and biking trails, with the trellises becoming a fun part of the experience:


Lastly, we started our winter trip earlier than usual, and finished 2017 up in Las Vegas. In addition to the usual shows and stuffing our faces, we discovered a neat little village made of shipping containers:


And I finally made it out to the beautiful Valley of Fire!


And that’s it for 2017’s travel! We look forward to seeing where 2018 takes us.


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