Labyrinths of Vancouver, Part 2

If you just couldn’t get enough of labyrinth walking after my first post on the topic, here are a few more awesome labyrinths I discovered over the course of the spring and early summer, leading up to my ultimate labyrinth pilgrimage to Chartres, France in July.


First, I found this lovely indoor one at a sleepy church in Kerrisdale, St Mary’s Anglican. It’s very quiet and private, and a great spot to meditate. It’s also quite light and airy, which is kind of rare for an indoor one.


Another church setting, this time outdoors! The Unitarian campus near 49th and Oak put in a labyrinth made of paving stones, seen here, and also a flower labyrinth. The campus seems to be very quiet on weekends, and both are always open to the public.


Now we head out to UBC. The Theology school put this concrete guy in a few years ago, and you can find in on Iona Drive. It seems to always have shade from either the building behind it or the trees surrounding it, which is great in the summer. I’m not sure how noisy the area is when school is in session, but it’s definitely very quiet and peaceful during breaks.


Finally, my current favourite labyrinth, though it’s practically a pilgrimage in and of itself to get there! It’s located in a forest clearing on Bowen Island, about a 5km hike each way from the ferry. The rough directions would be to hike in the Killarney lake, take the loop trail left, swing off onto the horse trail after passing the picnic area, then head right when you hit the dirt road until you reach the Xenia retreat center. There’s a little path right before you reach the center that leads you in to the labyrinth. Xenia uses it when they host meditation retreats, so it’s probably a good idea to check their calendar when planning your visit if you’re looking for seclusion. Outside of that, it’s always open to the public, and extremely quiet and secluded. Besides being kind of in the middle of nowhere, the surrounding thick forest seems to muffle any outside noise.

And that’s it for my latest labyrinths. I look forward to discovering more, both in Vancouver and around the world.


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