Summer 2017 Life Update

We’re more than halfway through 2017, and it’s been excellent! Time for our quarterly life update.

Net worth: $274,459

Latest cool place we’ve been:


Latest Holy Pilgrimage completed:


That would be Lisbon and Chartres Cathedral, respectively. Chartres Cathedral has not only one of the world’s oldest walkable labyrinths (+++ for labyrinth-obsessed Stephs), but also a veil worn by the Virgin Mary. Cool place to pilgrimage to!

After getting back from an epic trip to Portugal, Spain, and France, our net worth has again started to climb. We’ve increased about $8,000 since our last update in April, which is very respectable given that there was a European vacation in the middle of it. It was an excellent trip, with lots of delicious food, city exploration, beach time, and of course, a pilgrimage.

Our year to date non-travel spending is $9,815, which is in the same ballpark as last year, when we spent $10,006 by this time. Our travel spending will be revealed at year end, but it’s looking to be in the same ballpark as last year. The only remaining travel expense we should have for this year will be flights for wherever we go in the winter.

If we were to retire today, we would have a monthly income of $915. That could almost get us a pretty bare-bones lifestyle in Canada, but not quite. Pretty decent African village though, maybe even southeast Asia beach hut.

That’s it for now. We look forward to making more great progress, and hopefully crossing the $300,000 barrier by year end!



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