2017 Mid-Year Review

We are officially halfway through 2017, and doing great! Fresh home from an amazing trip to Portugal, Spain, and France, it’s time to have a look at our half-year progress for 2017.

Our net worth has increased from $244,341 to $272,751 – a $28,410 increase! That’s an average monthly increase of $4,735, which is very reasonable given our income. We are currently sitting at a 55% savings rate for the year, which is skewed low since we’ve already paid for most of our travel for the year (meaning it should boost above 60% by year end).

Our spending has also been quite reasonable, at $8,713 for non-travel spending. This means we’ve spent about $300 less than last year, when we were at $9,012 for this time period.

I always leave travel spending out of the equation until year end, because it makes more sense to average it out over the course of a year due to the way we travel – we generally have many months of zero travel spending, then a few thousand in one month when we book a bunch of things at once. Our travel spending so far looks to be on track with previous years, in any case.

Our breakdown year to date is as follows:

$4,809 ($801/month) – Housing. Rent (includes utilities) and insurance.

$1,658 ($276/month) – Food. About 75% groceries, plus snacks and restaurants.

$519 ($86/month) – Shopping. This was 44% electronics (we replaced one of our tablets and our hair clippers, and bought some video games, a new scale, and batteries). The rest was divided up between some ebooks, shoes, clothes, kitchen things, and random things like light bulbs).

$460 ($77/month) – Bills. Internet and two cell phones with very bare-bones plans.

$352 ($59/month) – Entertainment. My ballet lessons were 56% of this, followed by movies, concerts, and some events.

$217 ($36/month) – Personal Care. My haircuts, plus laundry, toiletries, and the occasional massage.

$694 ($115/month) – Everything Else. This includes $207 worth of Idiot Tax, plus public transit fare, cat expenses, gym memberships for the first three months on the year, and some meds.

We’ve had a great first half of the year, and look forward to seeing double the progress by year end.

  • Written by Steph


    • Hi Chris,

      We just invest in normal index funds – a lot of our net worth increase comes from our high savings rate, though we do get around 7-10% returns on our investments.

      No lottery tickets – we accidentally incorrectly booked a non-refundable flight for the wrong time while booking eight flights for our summer trip, and had to just eat the cost. It’s the only time we’ve ever done that, luckily.

  1. Just found your blog and have been enjoying it…. But I can’t seem to find a statement of your financial goals anywhere. How much are you looking to save before retirement? What’s your plan? I saw you mentioned possibly retiring in Eastern Europe on a recent blog post.

    It’d be great to read more details on your savings goals and retirement plan, wherever you are in your thinking on that.

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