How Fat is Your Budget?

Some people think our spending is insanely low and borderline mountain hermit. Frugal friends take one look at our annual travel spending and keel over and die. Today, we’re going to do a little bit of math and determine just how lean our budget is. We’re going to use 2016’s numbers for simplicity, though if I like the results, this may become an annual thing. I’m writing this as I run the numbers, and have no idea what the results will be. How fat is our budget?

Housing: $9,518

While we could theoretically move into a cave and live for free, realistically this is about as low as you’re going to get housing for in Vancouver. Result: 100% Lean

Travel: $8,882

Not going to even try to justify this one. Result: 100% Fat

Food: $3,665

I’m going to count our groceries, plus our Costco membership as lean. Restaurants, snacks, and the sacks of fancy heritage flour I buy from a local farmer are most definitely fat. Result: 75% Lean, 25% Fat

Shopping: $1,413

Now things get a little more complicated. I’m going to count clothes and shoes as lean, since we only buy the minimum we need, and can’t very well walk around naked. Also, 50% of our electronics spending, because while we don’t “need” mp3 players or video games, it’s wildly impractical to not have any sort of computer. I’ll go with 50% of kitchen things as well, because when you cook 99.999999% of your meals, stuff wears out eventually (the remaining 50% is fun stuff that I could definitely operate without). Digital stuff like e-books and apps, as well as household stuff like closet organizers or pretty baskets, are 100% fat. Result: 48% Lean, 52% Fat

Entertainment: $1,004

All fat. We could do free or low cost stuff – instead, I do ballet, and we go to tons of shows, concerts, movies, and activities. Result: 100% Fat

Bills: $938

You’re not going to get much lower than this for basic phone and internet service in Vancouver. Result: 100% Lean

Other: $1,911

I’m going to count the bus fare and pet costs as lean. Personal care will be 30% lean, due to my penchant for expensive toiletries and haircuts in 2016 (which has decreased substantially in 2017 so far). I will (somewhat ironically) classify our gym memberships as 100% fat since we could exercise outdoors or at home for free (we also did not renew them in 2017). Gifts and donations are definitely Fatty McFat. Result: 52% Lean, 48% Fat

That’s it for our 2016 spending. So how does it all tally up?


45% Fat!

Choke. Die.

-Written by (stunned, dead from fat-clogged arteries) Steph


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