A Typical Week of Groceries

By reader request, I kept our receipts this week from grocery shopping. Obviously this isn’t a perfect representation of every item we eat as we neither start nor end with an empty kitchen, but it’s a reasonably good look at how we shop. We went to Sunrise and T&T this week, and here’s what we bought:

$15.49 – 18lbs of jasmine rice

$1.59 – 2lbs of Carrots

$5.49 – Veggie dogs

$1.00 – Big bundle of green onions

$7.99 – 1.2 litres of soya sauce, probably a year supply

$5.99 – 600 grams of frozen blueberries

$1.42 – 1.26lbs of Daikon

$1.50 – 1 Zucchini

$2.99 – 1 head of Cauliflower

= $43.46

This is a fairly typical week for us. We usually spend around $50/week, a portion of which goes to bulk staple purchases (rice and soy sauce in this case), and the rest on produce and vegetarian protein.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll be cooking this week, but probably a couple of pasta dishes, a lot of stir fries and/or fried rice, and some curry. Maybe roasted vegetable wraps if I feel like whipping up some flatbread.

Itemized receipt and Steph’s goofy socks:


  • Written by Steph

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