A Week in the Life of an Early-Retiree-Wannabe

  • Written by Steph

People often wonder what typical day to day living looks like for people in pursuit of early retirement. It’s understandable – the first thing you do when you start down the path is axe all the categories “normal” people spend gobs of time and money on, like television, restaurants, drinking, and so on. So what do we do with our time instead? This post will give you a glimpse into a week in the life of a childfree couple pursuing early retirement.

Weekdays are fairly similar – we work normal business hours, and until about 5:15pm, our schedule is identical day to day. Alarm goes off at 7:22am, we get up, eat breakfast, walk to work, do some work, walk home. Then it’s dinner time! We generally have leftovers, or I cook a simple, quick meal. We could pretty much etch that stretch into stone, it’s so consistent.

Because our apartment is small and we’re very minimalist, there’s generally very little housework to do on a day to day basis – never more than half an hour a day, often much less. But if there’s anything we need to do, we tend to get it done after dinner. By 6:00 or 6:30pm, we’re generally free to do whatever we want for the evening. A few days a month we have volunteer commitments in the evenings, as part of living in a housing co-op that relies on member participation to function. The rest of the time, we’re pretty low key – we like to read, play video games, goof around on the internet, and go for bike rides. We go to bed around 11. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the week. If we’re going to see a movie or go to a show, which we do a couple times a month, we typically do that on Friday.

It’s the weekend! Happy Saturday. I get up at 8:30 Saturday for ballet class, and we have lunch as soon as I get back. After lunch we do our grocery shopping for the week, if we didn’t get around to it on Friday. We also do other weekly chores – laundry, vacuuming, general tidying up, and the bathroom. Maybe run a few errands, but generally not. I start on bulk cooking, since the goal is to have most of our food for the week ready to go by Sunday night – that includes bread, baked goods, all our lunches, and most or all of our dinners. The rest of Saturday is pretty leisurely – more reading, video games, and internet. Sometimes socializing, but we’re not super social people in general.

Sunday is much the same, minus the housework, unless we were lazy on Saturday. We tend to sleep in a lot on Sunday. If I’m going to go labyrinth walking, Sunday is generally when that happens. Same for hiking, or longer bike rides. Cel has a weekly Dungeons and Dragons group that meets on Sunday as well. And I finish off the bulk cooking.

This weekend routine leaves us rested, relaxed, with a clean apartment, and a fridge full of food, all ready to start the work week anew. And that’s it – a pretty low-key lifestyle, perfect for two introverts focusing on saving money and living a relaxed life.


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