Five goals for our Five-Year Retirement Countdown

  • Written by Steph

At this point, we’re looking at about another five years of work before pulling the plug. We have a few things we’re working on or planning to work on during that time, to help with both easing the initial transition, and long term lifestyle planning.

  1. Scouting out destinations for future slow travel or living. There are a lot of great options globally for places that are affordable, nice, and provide a great quality of life. Once we no longer need to work, nothing will be tying us down to Canada. We’ve started doing some scouting in the last few years in Hungary, Malaysia, and Thailand, but plan to do a bunch more travel in Asia and Eastern Europe over the next five years.
  2. Making a decision on what we’ll do for housing in Vancouver for the remainder of our time here. The simplest option would be to stay where we are now, but we could be looking at pretty big rent increases. There are various other options available to us, as described extensively in previous blog posts, but at some point a decision needs to be made. That probably needs to happen sometime within the next year or two.
  3. Language learning. If Cel can improve his French and I can improve my Spanish, we’ll have substantially more options for long-term living and travel. This is one of the toughest for us, since we’re both pretty lazy and it requires a lot of effort. Probably a stretch goal.
  4. Continue to keep our spending low, and work to optimize expenses further where possible. Basically, financially we’ll be looking to just stay the course and keep doing what we’re doing. It would be great to make it to retirement without ever having our expenses increase.
  5. Grow our local personal finance meetup group. I’ve been organizing Mustachian meetups for awhile now, and it’s been great seeing the group grow. It can be hard to meet like-minded people, so I think these groups can be a great way to make FIRE buddies and introduce more people to the ideas. Right now we do a combination of hikes, board game nights, and discussion groups, and it would be great to add even more types of activities and events.


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