Spring 2017 Life Update

  • Written by Steph

Winter is finally coming to an end! It’s been a brutal one this year. Let’s celebrate with a Life Update.

Net Worth: $266,410

Latest cool place we’ve been:


(That’s Skookumchuk Narrows, on the Sunshine Coast!)

Latest secret labyrinth discovered:


Labyrinths are one of my stranger hobbies, without a doubt.

If you’re familiar with the Lower Mainland, you can probably tell from the above pictures that we just got back from a fun Easter trip getaway to the Sunshine Coast. True to its name, it defied the weather forecast and gave us a very sunny weekend!

Our net worth has taken a beating lately – we would be substantially higher except that we just booked an awesome summer trip to Europe! It’s 99% booked at this point, and we just have to wait until the silly train companies open up booking for the summer to get the last ticket taken care of. But all our accommodation and flights are done, which is most of it. We’re going to Portugal, Spain, and France this time around, which is mostly new territory!

Finally, our year-to-date non-travel spending is currently at $5,598, which is remarkably similar to last year, when we were at $5,612 on this day. Our travel spending is too ugly to publish, due to heavily front-loading our bookings (we’ve already paid for basically everything from now to December), but it should all balance out by year end.

If we retired today, our current safe withdrawal rate would allow us a budget of $888/month. Closing in on four digits! We really need to make our next Europe trip an Eastern European retirement-locale scouting operation.

And that’s about it for us. We continue to make excellent progress towards early retirement, with minimal effort and tons of fun.


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