Winter 2016/2017 Life Update

-Written by Steph

Well, another arbitrary chunk of year has passed. Vancouver is currently buried in snow, which makes this an excellent time to hole up and do a life update.

Net Worth: $247,369

Latest cool (hot) place we’ve been:


Latest awesome hiding spot I found:


As you can probably guess, we’ve completed our first vacation of 2017! We spent two weeks in Thailand and China – swimming in waterfalls, stuffing our faces, trekking through the jungle, watching people Muay Thai each other into pulp, and freezing our butts off in Shanghai for a few days at the end. We had a great time. I could definitely picture living in Chiang Mai for a while, in particular. I can see why it’s so popular with digital nomads – it’s cheap as hell, has a great climate, modern amenities, EXCELLENT food, and English is widely spoken. And in your spare time you can trek into the jungle to go swim in a waterfall, or check out a live Muay Thai match after dinner. What’s not to love?

Our net worth increase is going according to plan. We’ve almost reached a five figure safe withdrawal amount – we could currently draw $9894/year, plus inflation, forever, which is about $825/month. According to our “research”, that would do quite nicely in a place like, say, Chiang Mai! Alas, we like having slightly more options than that.

We’ve also just recently passed the five year mark in our early retirement journey, which is a huge milestone. It’s amazing to think that in five years of earning average salaries, we’ve gone from zero to having a passive income level that would fully support a (very) basic standard of living. Progress happens incredibly fast when you consistently save at least half of your income.

I suppose it’s not really too relevant give that we’re only a month in to 2017, but our year to date non-travel spending is $2155, compared by $2127 at this time last year. The difference can be attributed to last night’s impulse decision to buy 1000 muffin liners.

Let’s finish up with a nice professional photo of us at a company Christmas party, since it’s the last one we’ll be able to have done for a while – I quit my job right before we flew out to Thailand!


(Don’t worry, I have a new one – I didn’t torpedo my early retirement plans)


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