Saving Money on Groceries – Nightly News Edition

-Written by Cel

One of our local stations, Global News, has a segment called “Consumer Matters”. They were doing a piece about groceries, as food prices are expected to rise in Canada. One of their reporters found our blog and got in touch with us about starring in this piece.

The end result – we were on the 6 o’clock news today! Here is a link to the video (about 3 minutes long):

How a Vancouver couple spends $230 a month on food

Overall, we’re pretty happy about the piece. As you may remember, we have earlier blog posts where we have a more detailed explanation of how to save money on groceries. Here is one of the main ones.

We realized after the interview that we forgot to touch on the fact not wasting any food is an important part of keeping our costs down. We strive to have zero waste, and manage to hit that most weeks. It’s mind-boggling to us how much food waste the average household creates – up to $28 per week according to one source. Luckily, they were way ahead of us and got someone else to talk about it!





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