Fall 2016 Life Update

-Written by Steph

Well, summer is officially dead, and we’re holed up in our apartment waiting out a massive series of storms that have been hitting Vancouver since the day after we got back from Vegas. Seems like a great time to do a Life Update blog post!

Net worth: $211,658

Latest cool place we’ve been:


As you can see from the above picture, we just got back from a short trip out to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. It was great getting some sunshine and 30 degree weather, given how shitty Vancouver is right now. Staying in a hotel again for the first time in many years was a little strange, but we had a great time! Heading out to Arizona was a LONG day, but quite enjoyable. The vegan offerings were decent everywhere, particularly the departure-day waffle and french toast brunch at Vege Nation, a popular downtown Vegas vegan restaurant. It was really fun just wandering around the strip and downtown as well, watching the fountain shows and listening to music.


Aside from our awesome trip, things have been going very well. Our non-travel spending for the year is currently at $14,971, which is right where we were for this time last year. Our savings rate for the year so far is currently at 58%, which should boost up to over 60% by year end since we’ve finished booking all our travel spending for 2016.

At our current net worth, our safe withdrawal rate has just passed $700/month ($705 to be precise). We could now retire to a slightly nicer African village than we could in the summer, or possibly a central american flat with a real hot water tank rather than a suicide shower (google “Guatemalan Suicide Shower” if you dare). Progress!

Finally, we rang in my 30th birthday with a delicious donut cake. It’s sure nice going into my 30s with a big pile of cash and single digit number of years to retirement!


That’s about it for us. Looking forward to another great quarter!



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