Summer 2016 Life Update

-Written by Steph

Okay, we’ve been pretty lazy about writing blog posts this year. Well here’s a brief update of what we’ve been doing this year!


We just hit net worth 200K a few days ago. Yay! We could now theoretically retire somewhere that cost $650 or less per month, which could work in Central America, rural parts of Asia, the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, or pretty much our pick of African villages. Fortunately, we plan to work for several more years, so we should be adding more options to that list soon.

We’ve done some fun travel so far this year – a big winter trip in January to Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and a July trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We’ve also got a trip to Vegas booked for the fall, including checking out the Grand Canyon, and our annual Okanagan Labour Day trip. So we definitely have lots to look forward to!

Cel started a new job two days after we got back from Europe, increasing our income substantially, which should also decrease our time to retirement nicely. We’re in the single digit number of years, in any case.

Spending has been very reasonable so far this year – we’re at around $10,700 for non-travel spending, with five months remaining in 2016, which is almost exactly where we were at this time last year. All in all, we’re set for another great financial year.

Other than that, we’ve just been enjoying Vancouver living – hiking, biking, going to the beach, and dance. We just celebrated our seven year anniversary as well! And that’s about it for now. One of these days we’ll get around to doing a few more posts.


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