Grocery tracking, 2016!

-Written by Steph

Here we are again – for the third year in a row, we’ve tracked and categorized everything we’ve bought and eaten for a month. For all the people who say “Grocery costs are skyrocketing! I can’t afford to eat healthy food anymore!”, I’d like to add that our costs continue to stay the same as they have for the last several years, and our eating has not changed in any way we can notice.

As mentioned in previous years, we are both vegans, so any mention of things that sound like animal products are, in fact, vegan substitutes.

While we don’t do any sort of couponing or weird shit, we do accumulate and spend PC Plus points. This is accounted for in our tracking: We spent $203.41 + $20 PC Points, for a total of $223.41.

Without further ado, here’s the breakdown of everything we bought for the month:

meta-chart (3)

Produce: 32%, $71.74

Potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peppers, zucchini, bananas, lemons, cabbage, apples, strawberries, celery, carrots, garlic, green onions, sweet potatoes

“Dairy”: 16%, $35.55

Daiya cheese, soy ice cream, soy milk

Baking: 14%, $30.24

Flour, vegetable oil, margarine, sugar, yeast

Grains: 12%, $25.94

Corn flakes, rice, mini bagels

“Meat”/Tofu: 9%, $20.02

Marinated curry seitan, tofu, tofu puffs, veggie ground round

Non-food: 8%, $18.03

Muffin liner, toilet paper, dish soap, tissues

Condiments: 4%, $7.94

Jam, kung pao sauce

Nuts/seeds: 4%, $7.94

Peanut butter

Canned: 3%, $6.01

Coconut milk, peaches, crushed tomatoes

For any fellow Vancouverites interested in the breakdown by store, it was 39% No Frills, 27% T&T, 18% Costco, 13% Nesters, 3% Whole Foods.

As usual, we also tracked what meals we made. Here’s how that went:

Breakfast and Snacks

Bagels, cereal, oatmeal, toast, fruit, peanut butter, granola bars


Bread, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal muffins, carrot cake, peach pie (Happy Pi Day!), blondies, banana bread, peanut butter cookies

Lunches and Dinners

Spicy chicken stir fry, veggie burger stir fry, vegetable pot pie, pesto casserole, calzones, Thai coconut curry, curry seitan, deep dish pizza, fried rice, tofu stir fry, focaccia pizza, chicken pesto skillet pasta, chili, kung pao, Mexican casserole, empanadas, biryani, curried chickpea wraps

The above was the vast majority of our food. We had one restaurant meal at the end of the month, when we went for lunch at a new vegetarian restaurant. I bought a chocolate Easter bunny as well, and Cel got some chocolate eggs, though it seemed like a bit of a stretch to include that under groceries, so I didn’t.

We’re once again happy to see good results, and look forward to another year of nice and low grocery spending!


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