July 2015 Monthly Update

-Written by Steph

Summer’s halfway over! Time to start thinking about our winter vacation. Here’s what happened this month.

We finished the month with a net worth of $157,980. That’s an increase of $5721 from last month! Not bad considering we spent the beginning of the month in Iceland, and also booked a fall trip to Montreal. We spent a total of $1551.

So here’s where we spent our money in July:

meta-chart (2)

Housing, $779 – Rent and insurance

Food, $282 – $232 groceries, $24 Steph Snacks (mostly soda to help cope with this hot summer), $19 restaurants

Personal Care, $113 – A haircut for Steph, laundry, plus a ton of toiletries we ran out of

Shopping, $94 – Three video games, some stamps, a belt, a book, and sunglasses

Bills, $79 – Internet and two cell phones

Cat, $54 – Cat food and litter

Entertainment, $54 – One movie (Mission Impossible!) and a month of ballet lessons

Other, $93 – Bus tickets and a gift

And that’s it for July!


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