June 2015 Monthly Update

-Written by Steph

We’re fresh back from Iceland and ready to look back at our spending for June!

We finished the month with a net worth of $152,259. Ahem.


That’s an increase of $2474 from last month. Not bad considering we went to Iceland! We spent a total of $1689, not including our travel expenses which will be added in at the end of the year.

meta-chart (1)

Crazy high spending this month! Here’s where it went.

Housing, $779 – Rent and insurance

Transportation, $321 – $219 was bike related (new bike for Steph, repairs/part for Cel), plus four books of bus tickets and a ride out to Golden Ears Park on the West Coast Express.

Food, $259 – $191 for groceries, $27 for Steph snacks, and $40 of restaurants. The restaurants were two visits to the artisan donut shop and one trip out to the sticks to try out mock salmon at a vegan Vietnamese place we heard about.

Shopping, $212 – Cel got a new swimsuit for soaking in the Icelandic thermal hot springs, Steph got a pair of shorts, Cel got a pair of trail runners, and w got a new blender and a few ebooks.

Bills, $65 – Internet and two cell phones

Entertainment, $32 – Steph’s ballet classes

Personal Care, $20 – Laundry and toiletries

And that’s it for another month! We presumably won’t be booking any more vacations for now as Cel is currently passportless as he waits for his 10 year renewal to arrive, so we should be looking at larger month over month increases until that gets dealt with.


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