March 2015 Monthly Update

Time for the monthly update!

We finished March with a combined net worth of $141,650. This is an increase of $5487 from February. Here’s where our money got spent!


The details of our total spending of $1382:

Housing, $779 – Rent and insurance

Food, $220 – $187 for groceries, plus $21 of Steph snacks (mostly soda). $10 of restaurant spending, which was one visit to the artisan donuterie and one order of takeout fries.

Shopping, $118 – Easter chocolates, a pair of dress shoes for Steph, a couple of video games (Bloodborne and Dragon Age DLC), and a few kitchen utensils┬áto replace shitty ones.

Personal Care, $96 – Haircut for Steph, hair clips and ties, laundry, and a few toiletries

Bills, $57 – Internet and two phones. One phone is enjoying a few months of free service right now due to a promotional deal.

Cat, $54 – Food and litter

Transportation, $35 – Two books of bus tickets

Entertainment, $23 – One movie (Insurgent) with popcorn

And that’s it for another month. Looking forward to seeing next month’s gains!



  1. I just read your story in a website and found your blog . You are awesome ! The life style that you have (planning for retirement before 40 , going abroad for vacations and even having a cat ! ) is my and my wife dream. We are living in Winnipeg now and we spend almost the same amount of money. However, I almost got disappointed about living in Vancouver by reading those stories about how expensive living there is , but you ignited my hope again and thanks for that !

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