February 2015 Monthly Update

And here’s our net worth and expenses for February. The usual.

Written by Steph

As of February 28th, we had a combined net worth of $136,163.

We spent a total of $1635.


Details of February’s categories:

Housing, $779 – Rent and insurance.

Food, $317 – Groceries were $236, plus $8 of maple butter and $34 of Steph Snacks. The snack were predominately imported chocolates that are only available a few times a year, including around Valentine’s day. Also, there was $38 of restaurant spending – one visit to the artisan donuterie and one Valentine’s lunch at a new vegetarian restaurant.

Shopping, $272 – Half of that was buying a tablet for Cel. Also included two video games, one pair of shoes for Steph, a new tea infuser for Steph, and masks for a masquerade party.

Entertainment, $87 – Two movies, Spongebob and Kingsman, and tickets to Vegan Prom, an annual big vegan party.

Bills, $79 – Internet and two cell phones

Personal Care, $73 – Laundry, tweezers, flossers, and a few personal things.

Other, $26 – One book of bus tickets and a few kgs of cat litter.

And that’s it for us for the month! We also booked a trip to Iceland, but in interest of keeping these posts reflective of our actual monthly spending rather than large stuff that should be averaged over a year, we’ve left those expenses out (but they will obviously be added back in when we do our annual financial report).



  1. Your blog is great and truly inspiring! My one question is how do you get your grocery bill so low?? My fiance and I (another twenty-something couple living in Vancouver) have never been able to get our food costs lower than $150 per week! What’s your secret??

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