January 2015 Monthly Update

Written by Steph

Happy new year! Here we are again, the usual.

As of January 31st, we had a combined net worth of $130,765.

We spent a total of $1,337.

The breakdown:

graph (3)

January’s details:

Housing, $779 – Rent and insurance. I got our insurance a bit lower this year by removing jewelry coverage I wasn’t aware I had.

Food, $259 – Groceries were $196, plus $32 of Steph Snacks. The bulk of Steph’s snacks were related to subsisting on ice cream after dental surgery. There were also three restaurant transactions for $30 total – Having takeout the night before flying to Hong Kong for vacation, one takeout meal for Steph following surgery, and one visit to the artisan donuterie.

Medical, $223 *This was later reimbursed by insurance – February 13th*- Steph had dental surgery!


It was mostly covered by insurance, but not completely. This amount also includes medication and the taxi ride home. It might end up being completely covered, depending on how our insurance company feels about it, but for now it’s an expense.

Personal Care, $86 – A haircut for Steph, a bottle of body wash, and laundry money.

Bills, $79 – Two cell phones and internet service.

Cat, $54 – Food and litter.

Shopping, $51 – an HDMI cable, eight pairs of socks for Steph, one eBook, and five video games.

And that’s it for us this month. We’re off to a great start in 2015!



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