Vegan in Hong Kong

-Written by Steph

We recently got back from a trip to Hong Kong, and the food was awesome enough to warrant its own blog post! Cel will eventually do up a trip report with all the cool shit we did outside of eating, but for now, here’s where we ate and what we had.

Our first meal was at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. The food was nominal, but the experience of eating in a monastery was kind of cool. They do a set menu of soup, one deep fried dish, and three vegetable dishes, plus rice. We didn’t take any pictures of the dining area, but here’s the monastery: Monastery

Next we visited a place called Amazing Kitchen near our apartment in Mong Kok district, located at 110 Fa Yuen Street. Cel had Chinese toon avocado fried rice and I had a nice stir fry. Here’s what it looks like from the outside:


One thing we do a lot of when we travel is check out Loving Hut restaurants. They’re a global brand of fully vegan restaurants, and Hong Kong had two, plus a bakery! The first one we went to was in the Wan Chai area, located at 93-99 Wan Chai road, up two flights of stairs. It’s right on the corner at the intersection of Johnston Road, Wan Chai Road, and Fleming Street, and you can clearly see it from the road if you look up, so it was one of the easier ones to find.

We stopped by Wan Chai Loving Hut twice, and had fried noodles, curry fried rice, Japanese curry, spring rolls, and dumplings. In addition to normal meals, they also sell biscuits and cake to take home, and a local brand of coconut ice cream called Happy Cow. Here’s some biscuits and Happy Cow we picked up:


The second Loving Hut was a little harder to find because it doesn’t have an address. Okay, the address is “Amoy Plaza” which is a large shopping center. Fortunately, there’s a metro station right next to the plaza (Kowloon Bay Station), so at least you don’t need to wander too much looking for that. This location also has a Loving Hut bakery next door that sells western and Chinese baked goods. We bought some bread and cake at the bakery and had a veggie burger and “some sort of curry” (Cel’s words). Here it is:


For something a little more snacky, we stopped by Tin Tin Vegan Takeaway in the Nan Fang Centre on Castle Peak Road.  They sell Chinese pastries, as well as a bit of takeout food, but we just loaded up on pastries. Oh, and it’s another restaurant with no address, hooray! Fortunately, like Loving Hut Kowloon this is inside a plaza that’s directly connected to a metro station (Tsuen Wan Station). You’ll just have to wander around a bit looking for it, and the signs aren’t in English, but here’s a picture to help with that:


We found another very good restaurant  called Thai Vegetarian near the Kowloon City Walled Park, which is a really cool place to visit as well! It was a tiny little place at 28 Nam Kok Road, pretty close to the south gate of the park. We had lemongrass juice, spring rolls, a fried noodle dish, and some sort of vegan clam dish. Here’s what it looks like there:


Surprisingly, we ended up accidentally going to a more upscale place on our last day in town called Pure Veggie House. We stopped in for dim sum after checking out the botanical gardens, which it is fortunately located right next to, at 51 Garden Road in the Coda Plaza. Given that it’s ANOTHER %@! plaza address, you once again are on your own for finding it after walking in the complex. This was my first time having dim sum, and it was fabulous – I liked it enough to put up pictures of our food in addition to the restaurant. Here it is!





Finally, we stumbled across what we both agreed was the best restaurant, two blocks from our apartment, and it was called… ??? We don’t actually know. There were zero English signs.  A Chinese friend translated the sign as “True Heart Vegetarian”, so we’re going with that. It was at 124-128 Portland Street, a little shop on the corner with an incredible selection of vegan goodies. We visited a total of four times and had vegan pork buns, vegetable buns, noodles, chicken satay skewers, spring rolls, and these amazing little things called “Glutinous Rice Rolls”. Unfortunately, they think we’re pigs now after we went there three times in seven hours. Hopefully they forget by next time we’re in Hong Kong. Anyway, fabulous place, here’s what it looks like:


And that’s where and what we ate in Hong Kong as two traveling vegans! Hopefully our next trip will have equally awesome food.


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