December 2014 Monthly Update

-Written by Steph

Coming to you from one very sick Steph, our usual monthly update!

As of December 31st, we had a combined net worth of $124,765.

We spent a total of $1304.

The breakdown:

graph (2)

And here’s December’s details!

Housing, $780 – Rent and insurance.

Food, $257 – Groceries were $225, in addition to $19 of Steph snacks. There were two restaurant transaction for $12 total, including Cel going to a farewell lunch for a coworker and one trip to the donuterie.

Bills, $79 – Internet and two cell phones.

Transportation, $62 – Three books of bus tickets.

Shopping, $45 – Two video games, a new slow cooker, and stamps.

Entertainment, $30 – Tickets to a Christmas symphony we attend every year.

Personal Care, $29 – Laundry and feminine hygiene

Other, $22 – Gifts, Christmas cards, and medicine for when Steph had a spider bite get infected (ouch!)

And that’s it for the month! Our Annual Financial Report will be arriving soon, and then we leave for Hong Kong. Cheers!


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