November 2014 Monthly Update

-Written by Steph

Same format as the last one. Here it is!

As of November 30th, we had a combined net worth of $120,297.

We spent a total of $1582.

Here’s the breakdown!

graph (1)

And here’s November’s breakdown by category!

Housing, $784 – Rent, insurance, and a compost baster.

Food, $281 – Groceries were $215, in addition to $31 of Steph snacks (mostly ice cream following wisdom teeth removal), and $15 for maple butter. We ate twice in restaurants for a total of $18, which was one visit to the artisan donuterie and one evening at a bar with friends.

Shopping, $155 – Three ebooks, tights and underwear for Steph, a water bottle for Cel after he lost his old one, and a wall mount kit for our TV.

Entertainment, $111 – A dozen movie tickets, bought through a group buying program at Cel’s work. This will probably last about a year at our current rate of movie going. We’ve used two of them so far to see Mockingjay, and also bought popcorn.

Personal Care, $78 – Laundry and a haircut for Steph.

Transportation, $63 – Three books of bus tickets.

Bills, $59 – Two cell phones and internet.

Cat, $48 – food for Anthony, We buy a big bag every 2-3 months, plus cans here and there.

And that’s it for November. We’ll see how everything’s looking as we finish up the financial year in December and get ready for our January 1st annual review.


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