October 2014 Monthly Update

-Written by Steph

Let’s try something new! Monthly updates of our spending and net worth rather than quarterly. Lots of fun numbers and data and pie charts. Yeah, it’s almost December, but we’ll start with October’s information since I have that on hand.

As of October 31st, we had a combined net worth of $112,993.

We spent a total of $1495.

Here’s the breakdown:


And here’s what each of those categories broke down into in October!

Housing, $810  Rent, insurance, composting supplies (we choose to categorize garden things as a home-related expense)

Food, $266 – Groceries were 91% or $240 of this amount. Steph’s snacks were $8, mostly soda. We spent $13 on restaurant food, which was one visit to the local donuterie for some artisan donuts and one evening at a bar with friends.

Entertainment, $206 – This was two months of ballet lessons for Steph, one date night on the Stanley Park Ghost Train, and one movie date night to go see Maze Runner.

Bills, $79 – Internet and two cell phones.

Shopping, $60 – Ballet slippers, two ebooks, one video game, and some office supplies.

Other, $75 – Cat food, laundry, bus tickets, laundry, and some medical-related expenses.

And that’s where we were at for the end of October! I get to do another one of these things next week when I write all about November. Cheers!


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