3rd Quarter Spending Vs Budget Update

-Written by Steph

Looks like we’re on the home stretch of another successful financial year, and it is time once again for our quarterly update! Just something to remember – the numbers here are year-to-date, not just for this quarter. So let’s see how we’ve been doing!

Oh, and for fun I’ll throw in our 2013 spending as well for comparison (and to mock the people who complain that their cost of living is increasing like crazy every year).


Budget: $6975     Actual: $6975     2013: $6755

This includes rent, insurance, minor maintenance, rugs or household stuff, and any moving-related expenses

Right dead on! Rent was lower than  we originally planned, but we had a few moving expenses over the summer (downsized to a studio suite in July).


Budget: $2475     Actual: $2363     2013: $2501

This includes all groceries, snacks, and restaurants. Right now about 9% of that is restaurants, for those wondering.

Awesome! Despite going a bit ice cream crazy over the summer, we’re still on track.

Bills and Utilities

Budget: $825     Actual: $788     2013: $1094

This includes internet and two cell phones.

I got an even better deal on my new phone plan after my Telus contract expires in July – down to $22.40/month. Yay!


Budget: $450     Actual: $382     2013: $529

This quarter I bought a new cell phone since I was switching providers. We also bought a new TV, Kindle, Kobo, and video game (yay Danganronpa!). Still doing great though!


Budget: $75     Actual: $7     2013: $250

Haven’t needed much this year!


Budget: $75     Actual: $134     2013: $229

Ouch! I needed a new pair of runners after destroying my last pair. Shouldn’t need anything else this year, anyways.

Personal Care

Budget: $686    Actual: $628     2013: $754

This includes haircuts, laundry, and all toiletries and girl stuff.

Definitely starting to see the impact of cutting Cel’s hair myself.


Budget: $506     Actual: $645     2013: $488

Ouch! This quarter/category we went to an opera for my birthday, bought circus tickets for a show in a couple of weeks, and went to the Richmond Night Market.


Budget: $300     Actual: $380     2013: $665

This includes bus tickets and bike stuff.

Yeah, gotta bike more. We’re lazy.


Budget: $225     Actual: $234     2013: $259

It’s fine. Nice kitty.


Budget: $675     Actual: $513     2013: $626

Additions to this category in Q3 were medicine for Cel, a couple of Amazon books, a new purse to replace my tattered one, and some photo developing.

We also spent $480 to jump off Grouse Mountain with parachutes for Cel’s birthday, but we’ll wait until year end to add that one in.

And that’s where we’re at! $13,049 in spending so far this year, compared to our budget of $13,267, and also compared to our 2013 spending for the same period of $14,150.

Next post of this type will be our annual financial report in January.


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