Friends and Frugality

-Written by Cel

On your journey to financial independence and/or early retirement, sometimes (perhaps often) you’ll have stretches of time where not much is going on. You won’t have any new developments or big changes. The only thing happening is your gradual, steady, but inevitable progress towards your goal.

Of course, you’ll often be trying out new ideas or getting new projects started. But if that isn’t happening all the time, that’s not a problem. As long as you’ve got your base spending and saving rate under control, you can just coast along and be assured that you’re making progress.

That’s not particularly exciting, interesting, or inspiring, but sometimes that’s how it is. The path to financial independence is more a marathon than a sprint, and it’s important not to get discouraged just because you haven’t seen any drastic changes.

It’s kind of like changing your habits to lose weight or get healthier – you shouldn’t be expecting drastic changes in the short-term. Fitness, like financial independence, is more of a long-term goal.

All of which is to explain why it’s been a while since our last post.  We haven’t done much new things lately in terms of financial developments or breakthroughs – other than our normal savings rate.

One thing that we have done is help to create a “Vancouver Mustachian Meetup Group” for like-minded people who are also interested in frugality, early retirement, and financial independence. So far, we have done several events – mostly hiking, biking around the city, and similar low-cost or free activities.

If you are also interested in early retirement, but don’t know anyone else who even considers it possible, I would recommend you seek out (or create) such a group. It’s a lot more fun – and easier – if you have a group to discuss plans or ideas.



    • Hi Caroline, here is a link to the meetup group – feel free to join and come to our next event!

      Money Mustache Meetup – Vancouver

      Vancouver, BC
      87 Mustachians

      If you’re a fan of the philosophy of Mr. Money Mustache but can’t fit in a trip to the cloud forests of South America just to meet some fellow mustachians this group is for yo…

      Check out this Meetup Group →


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